Release Notes


Under this page you will find details of updates to SolarPlus over time to show progress on new features, bug fixes and all improvements.

We are committed to a strong research and development program and are always happy to hear from users with feature requests.

Note: Further bug hotfixes are commonly released in between these releases listed below.


September 21st Updates (pending)


Introduces Orders - Orders can be triggered on Quote Acceptance, and a date configured for conversion to an Invoice


September 20th Updates


  • New Compact proposal - a short form proposal template to reduce

  • Google calendar widget update - Adds an interactive calendar on the Dashboard, Contact CRM page and Install Manager Dashboard

  • Google Calendar team view - allows selection of any of your team calendars to see availability and schedule appointments

  • Contacts CSV Export - exported CSV for contacts now includes 'reject reason' as well as the SolarPlus Contact ID

  • System Upgrade brochures fix - resolves the issue where brochures for components marked 'existing' were being attached in the proposal

  • Generator cost modelling fix - fixes error in modelling generator for off-grid proposals

  • Currency fix - resolves an issue where incorrect currency was showing

  • Optimiser on quote fix - fixes an error where optimisers were not being correctly updated on the quote items list when an optimiser was replaced

September 13th Updates


  • Resolves an issue where AC cable data was overwritten when sitemap icons were positioned

  • Converts chart values in Monthly Energy Chart from month total to daily average kWh values.

  • Resolves an issue where surface pitch with decimals would cause map data saving to fail


September 4th Updates


  • Adds quantity control to All-in-one battery product items

  • Resolves several issues with Xero sync and adds option to turn off payment sync completely

  • Update to quote line item rounding to mirror the Xero behaviour

  • Add Finance Plan update to Manager user role capabilities

  • Resolves an issue where surface pitch with decimals would cause map data saving to fail


August 5th Updates


  • Component ordering update - orders lists of inverters, modules, optimisers and shows series as well as model

  • Array by surface table fix - now includes array tilt angle per surface and excludes empty surfaces

  • Contact API support for customer rep assignment - set access to a user

  • Contact CRM support for multiple file drag and drop

  • Off-grid vs Grid Connect RoI - any grid connection fee applied is now factored into payback and lifetime RoI chart

  • Finance deposit added to cashflow RoI - shows any deposit on financed system in cashflow chart and cashflow table

  • Battery brochure fix - resolves an issue where battery brochure was not added to proposal

  • System designer field input fix - resolves an issue where clearing a numeric input field would cause a bug

July 13th Updates


  • Proposal chart updates - improvements to readability and consistency of chart values

  • Cashflow table update - improves format and clarity in commercial proposal cashflow table

  • System package save overwrite - support for overwrite function in V4 when saving system packages

  • System name update in sidebar - adds ability to set a system name in the Contact sidebar without leaving current page

  • Built-in consumption profile charts - updated built-in consumption profile charts to 2017 (chosen as Monday starts year)

  • Extended secure access API - extends open API to build your own integrations

  • Map mode fix - resolves an issue by adding notification when imagery is not available for that map selection

  • Quote duplication fix - resolves an issue where quotes are unable to be duplicated when site survey notes are > 250 characters

  • CEC guideline warning fix - resolves an issue where CEC guideline is always appearing for microinverters

  • Contact import fix - simplifies the naming of status and lead source when importing contacts

  • Quote Contact saving fix - resolves an issue when quotes are unable to save when there are CRM files attached

  • System package creation fix - resolves an issue where system package creation should land on V4 design page

  • Consumption profile fix - resolves an issue with consumption profiles when profiles are edited with full-week


July 6th Updates


  • AIO brochure fix - resolves an issue to show AIO brochures in pdf templates

July 5th Updates


  • CEC Guidelines fix - resolves an issue where CEC warnings not able to show after the allowable limit

  • Module spacing - users are now able to set module column spacing

  • Design map tool optimization - query map modes only when needed

  • Show surface lengths - users are now able to see surface lengths when hovered

  • Align manual names - align buttons and menus to show user manual area properly

  • Send quote pdf fix - resolves an issue where pdf sent contains an extra quote pdf inside proposal pdf

  • Business sales report optimization - optimized to show sales clearly

  • AIO fix - resolves an issue where AIO of battery inverter and battery package is showing in solar inverters

  • Design page usability improvement - UI improvement to show information clearly

  • New map layer for kiwis - added LINZ map mode

June 30th Updates


  • CRM file drag and drop - CRM view updated to allow drag and drop of multiple files.

  • AIO package improvement - all-in-one package support for products (eg. Red Earth) with DC charge controller, battery inverter and batteries

June 24th Updates


  • Closing a contact on rejection - users now can Close a Contact (& reject all quote) with a reason noted. Closed contacts can also be reopen

  • System inverter design fix - resolves an issue when inverters are always applying MPPT1 and 2 when designing

  • Improved quote search - to include rejected quotes when filtering dashboard with specific text

  • Bifacial fix - resolves an issue when the existing system has non-bifacial panels and the new system has bifacial, it was causing new arrays to have 0 output.

  • Install manager update - added contractor ↔︎ installer view in the user profile Note: do not enable Contractor access unless you wish to provide access to edit the Design page

  • Contact’s lead sources fix - made sure that lead sources are properly exported on the contacts page

  • Solar export fix - resolves an issue where solar export is not properly saved

  • API update - SystemAPI released

  • Proposal tags update - added [[profile_photo_thumb]] tag

  • Advance search fix - resolves an issue where advance search is not listing all lead sources option

  • Status widget fix - removed system packages stats in the draft widget


June 9th Updates


  • All new CRM page - CRM page converted to new style with access to cloud PDF storage, Handoff event record list added to view

  • Status filter in contacts - added status filter in advanced search fields

  • Multiple bcc recipients - added support for multiple recipients in business settings, bcc emails

  • Mounting kit price fix - resolves an issue where users can’t set prices for mountings kits

  • Finance options cancelation fix - resolves an issue where users are not able to cancel out options from finance

  • Survey page map and image fix - resolves an issue where users are not able to save map image

  • Nearmaps mapmode fix - resolves an issue where users are blocked from using nearmaps in design page

  • Sync inventory prices for optimisers fix - resolves an issue where users are not able to sync inventory prices from optimisers

  • V4 packages update - overwriting packages are now optional; optimised package loading

  • API update - QuoteAPI released

  • Quote duplication fix - resolves an issue where energy management systems are included in the quote duplication process

  • Tilt angle update - added tilt angle details in the reports page

  • Header and footer email fix - resolves an issue where user can’t turn off header and footer

  • Invoice page filter updates - added payment status filter

  • Nearmaps alert fix - resolves an issue so that users are now alerted if the area is not covered by nearmaps

  • Search function optimization - improvement of search function so that different search strings are counted

  • Inventory admin fix - resolves an issue where items are not visible on admin list; improved item search

  • Kit items upload update - added kit items to the product library

May 2021 Updates


  • Deposit on finance plans - added deposit field on a finance plan in % or $

  • Gross margin fix - resolves an issue where per watt inventory items and mounting kits are causing wrong gross margin calculation

  • SolarPlus database optimization - database optimized

  • Export contacts - add export option from contacts page

  • Timezone adaptation - new businesses now takes timezone of selected country upon registration

  • Panel swap fix - resolves an issue where modules are unable to change after designing

  • Job pack handoff automation - added auto sending of jobpack after the hand off

  • Call log update - now adapts user’s timezone when logging time stamps

  • Install manager date fix - resolves an issue where calendar selection brings you back in time (e.g 1970-01-01 00:00)

  • Google calendar fix - resolves an issue where users are unable to integrate to google calendar

  • Solar export degradation fix - resolves an issue where solar degradation should be decreasing yearly

  • Template adjustment for finance plans - added variation on cash vs finance offer view

  • User deletion fix - resolves an issue where quotes are now properly transfered after user deletion

  • Tariff fixes - resolves an issue where tariff window is small, it is now wider and can add tiers properly

  • Install job pack pdf fix - resolves an issue where pdf attachments are not coming through

  • Microinverter commissioning report fix - resolves an issue where continuity is not visible in commissioning report

  • Custom contact fields fix - resolves an issue where new leads' image and pdf files are not viewable in solarplus

  • MPPT duplication improvement - smart suggestion to copy mppt configuration to the next

  • Design page save fix - resolves an issue where panel design are lost after saving a configuration

  • Invoice email templates - added invoice modification to email templates

  • Group total fix - resolves an issue where group total is affected by mounting components

  • Mounting fix - resolves an issue where mounting qty is not adding well in inverters and unable to get deleted

  • Commercial cashflow table updates - optimized cashflow table and added [[customer_rep_address]] and [[business_ex_tax_label]] tags

  • Quote export implementation - add quote export function from quotes page

  • Finance proposal tags update - added proposal tags for finance terms

  • Optimisers fix for solaredge inverters - resolves an issue where optimisers is not compatible with solaredge inverters

  • Inverter string configuration fix - resolves an issue where inverters are not showing strings properly

  • Lead sources fix - resolves an issue where lead sources are not showing the entire list for new users

  • Array existence fix - resolves an issue where array existence cannot be reverted for microinverters

  • Commissioning report pdf fix - resolves an issue so that user manuals are now having better margin placements

  • STC price limit update - STCs are now limited to 99.9kW per system and applied LGC calculation for excess system kW

  • Distance calculation update - SolarPlus now estimates your travel time from your home to your client’s address

  • Swap inverters update - users can now swap inverters after the design

  • Quick approve button - users can now approve quotes from dashboard or CRM page

Apr 28th 2021


  • Proposal cash or finance selection - add a customer option to all V4 proposals to select cash or finance (where offered)

  • Panel pricing per watt display - when buy price is set per watt, customer now sees per panel quantity and price

  • System Manual format updates - improves rending of commissioning report, images to add header and reduce page overflow

  • Loan deposit addition - supports setting of loan deposit on finance plan or for each quote

  • Packages not saving fix - resolves an issue where system packages didn’t save

  • V4 workflow update - resolves an issue where for some users, workflow remained in V3 format. (switch between by clicking the top workflow navigation between V4 and V3, only panel layout data changes)

  • Sales dashboard fix - resolves an issue where for salespeople the dashboard list was limited to 5 entries per page.


Apr 19th 2021


  • Proposal cash or finance selection - add a customer option to all V4 proposals to select cash or finance (where offered)

  • Commissioning form update - b

  • ig improvement to provide a best practice commissioning process

  • New proposal templates for Off-grid & Battery Only

  • Header search includes quote number - the search bar in the header adds quote number search

  • Follow-up flag fix for ‘Done’ status - resolves an issue marking follow-up flag items Done.

Apr 15th 2021


  • Proposal inclusion in customer acceptance page - simplifies customer acceptance process with single link in email and Proposal PDF viewable on that quote acceptance page.

Apr 12th 2021


  • Map auto-save - automatically saves panel layout when leaving Design page

  • Map auto-image generation - automatically generates proposal map image when leaving Design page. Includes option to turn on/off (hold ‘PDF image’ to switch to manual generation)

  • All-in-one package qty support - adds ability to set quantity of AC-coupled all-in-one products

  • Installer job acceptance - add support for job sign-off by an installer (controlled by Business Setting)

  • Interest-free loan - auto-calculates repayments when interest rate is 0

  • Surface draw with 45° angles reinstated - while drawing a surface, if Shift is held, locks surface to 45° increments

Apr 7th 2021


  • Dashboard follow-up flags - adds reminders to follow-up sent quote, call log reminder and install events

  • Custom branding of customer signoff page - business header and footer can be used to style acceptance page

  • Quote email template selection when sending - select a custom email subject and body when sending a quote

  • STC kW size over-ride - allows user setting of kW size for STC calculation

  • Inventory pricing to 3 decimal places - adds support for per watt pricing to 3 decimals

  • Mobile responsive view updates - improves navigation for tablets and phones

  • Dashboard view updates - sales & designer users see metrics for their own quotes only

  • Contact access for user job roles - allows editing of contact details for any contact where the user has a job role in a quote

  • Quote profit breakdown update - corrects customer contribution where a custom price discount is applied

  • Contact list visibility - resolves an issue with missing contact where the name had a space on the end

  • Xero update for custom price - resolves an issue with conversion of custom price over-ride to Xero line item format

  • Invoice payment schedules - adds ability to update payment schedule from an invoice

Mar 4th 2021


  • Compliance upgrade - residential systems are limited to < 600 V with business switch

  • Updating Payment Schedules in invoices

  • Enter key set as a trigger function to save on quote contac


Feb 24th 2021


  • Revised Commercial GST Presentation

  • Updating Payment Schedules in invoices

  • Enter key set as a trigger function to save on quote contact fields

  • Invoices addressed to company’s name - once quote is commercialised 

  • DC cables - updated to reflect information in the Installation page

  • Additional options to select different payment methods in the invoice page

  • Uploading Map / Building plans / Images - Options to change opacity and rotation angle of the image after upload. 

Feb 11th 2021


  • Design quickly using any inverter or module - non-sales users can select any product that is not in your inventory to design a system with that item. It is automatically added to your inventory.

  • Map options updates - Inverter icon placement on map image to satisfy CEC requirements, map icons updated.

  • Commercial STC GST adjustment - in line with accounting best practice, GST on STCs is now included in the STC line total for a Point of Sale Discount and this GST component is not included in the quote GST payable.

  • Commercial tariff calculator - adds a quick calculator to the tariff editor form, making it easy to add supplemental (Environmental/AEMO) charges and adjust for loss factor

  • Site Address auto-update - whenever a Contact address is updated and the it doesn’t match the Site (install) address, it prompts the user with an option to update both.

  • Call log function improved - the call log is now a very quick and easy record of communication, simply add your call notes and apply - datetime and user is recorded automatically.

  • Array Oversizing Notices - V4 updated to show 133% oversizing only where CEC guidelines check and non-hybrid systems

  • Adds advanced battery options into V4 design - adds back ‘Peak lopping Threshold’ and 'Prioritise battery charge over loads (charge from gross solar) into the V4 design view

  • Adds history layers for both nearmap and MetroMap

  • MetroMap imagery messages - adds a notification where your MetroMap user licence is not set

  • nearmap message where no imagery - fixes an issue where the message to update the nearmap API is shown

  • Reports loading messages - adds a notification whenever loading performance reports and calculations are in progress.

  • Custom invoice email - you can now use the quote ‘Send quote’ dialog to send an invoice with a personalised message (in addition to Email Templates for each document)

  • Recording Approved quote dates - whenever a quote is marked ‘Approved’ by a user on behalf of a customer, adds a confirmation notice and records the time of this status change (dashboard or view quote)

  • Customer online sign-off - prompts user to add their name and sign before submitting the online acceptance form


Feb 9th 2011


Hybrid design updates - when a hybrid inverter is selected, sets the same component as the battery inverter for quick addition of the battery system

All-in-one packages updates - resolves an issue where the battery inverter model may not be visible when an all-in-one battery package is selected.

Array layout save fix - resolves an issue where map save button may have to be clicked multiple times

Energy Management System saving - resolves issue where component didn’t save in V4 design view

Load source fix - resolves an issue with lead source list customisation

Surface delete fix - resolves an issue where a surface would not get deleted in some cases


Jan 12th 2021


  • Finance Plans - adds your finance offers in the backend for easy addition to a quote

  • Scale peak and off-peak consumption - rebuild a load profile with a percentage of consumption to match a client’s bills

  • Off-grid savings reports - updated diesel displacement and grid comparison reporting of savings

  • Downloadable chart data - monthly and lifetime charts are now downloadable in image or XLS format

  • Contact form update - transitions new contact form to V4 format

  • V4 upgrade button - enables businesses to switch instantly to V4 workflow

  • Address field resolution - resolves problems with address entry

  • System Package sorting - orders the list of System Packages in the map view


Jan 5th 2021


  • MetroMap layer history - adds photomaps from past image capture

  • Add 1-click V4 upgrade - adds a button for upgrade to Version 4 workflow (V3 remains accessible on each quote)

  • Off-grid generator runtime - calculates monthly and annual generator runtime

  • Consumption-Production chart update - included on Reports page with genset supply and genset runtime

  • V4 Documentation - Version 4 Help Centre

  • Assignment of contacts - assign contact (leads) to customer reps in bulk

  • Design mounting quantity fix - adds back user-defined mounting quantity

  • Load profile date fix - resolves occasional date issue due to daylight savings

  • Removes delete function for sales

  • Fix for inventory supplier & purchased item option

  • Onboarding samples for new businesses - added sample data fast user enablement

Dec 8th 2020


  • Added Site survey and Install buttons - adds a button for easy access in Install and Site survey page for non-draft quotes

  • Sales Rep Column in Contacts - adds another column for contact page for easy quote tracking

Dec 4th 2020


  • Resolve Map and Site Map image - fix for site map and map images that overlaps each other when generated

Dec 3rd 2020


  • Inventory Discounts category - adds a category and support for negative inventory pricing

  • Map transparency layer - adds a transparency slider to easily see obstructions beneath panel layout

  • Ground mount frame options - adds support for tilt mounting span (or stacking) of 1, 2, or 3 rows of modules

  • Resolve address - fixes an autocomplete issue when pasting an address or when typing slowly

  • New Energy Page (Preview) - new energy page layout for ease of use

  • Supplier Field in V4 Quote Contact Page - add back supplier field in v4 quote-contact page

  • More Tilt Mounting Options - added support for new tilt mounting options


Dec 1st 2020


  • V4 system design improvements -

    • adds optimiser quantity field unless SolarEdge (auto-calculated)

    • defaults DC cable length to number of modules per string

    • resolved issue where no packages appear if no Category has been created

  • Quote email from name - adds full capitalised name of the Customer Rep as the ‘From’ name

  • V4 map improvements -

    • after editing a surface, clicking the MPPT array icon now automatically switches to panel layout mode for selection of panels

    • Resolves issue when adding a surface that has a sharp corner angle

    • Improve tracking of microinverter branch quantity

    • Removed map image download when generated for proposal

  • Payment Terms on loan - if full financed, payment terms are left based on cash scenario. If ‘Cash plus loan’ payment terms are based on total payable after the part loan.

Nov 25th 2020


  • Microinverter branch drag & drop - support for daisy-chained branching of microinverters with V4 branch mapping to surfaces

  • V4 Inverter+tracker duplication - quick creation of multiple copies of complete inverter configuration

  • V4 map fix for anticlockwise surface - fixes surface label on surfaces drawn in either direction

  • CEC guidelines fix - resolves a switching issue related to new user preference options

  • V4 map designer refinement - tidy up of Balance of System components

  • System package fix - resolves package view issue for users with no categories set


Nov 23th 2020


  • Auto-calculation of loan repayment amount - updates payment amount based on total loan amount, term, interest and payment frequency

  • Inventory PDF cleanup - adds Product Library brochure PDFs and shows any user-loaded PDFs

  • Survey site map fix - resolves an issue with map image not showing

  • Proposal tag updates - addition of proposal commercial and finance tags

Nov 17th 2020


  • User preference - adds a range of personalisation features to support users in improving quoting speed and personalisation of communication

  • Email templates - enables businesses to create custom email templates for all system-generated emails

  • Commercial quote price updates - rearranges the order of quote totals to give a Net price ex-GST as final price

  • Commercial quote margin breakdown - adds a breakdown of client contribution, profit margin and dollar per watt metrics for better price overview

  • Commercial switching based on Contact setting - all conditions for commercial quotes are now based on the Contact setting rather than based on tariff type

  • Quote acceptance email resolution - fixes an issue with sending of quote acceptance when a BCC email was included

  • V4 map improvement for tilt frame angle - Panel tilt angle visual updates based on surface incline plus tilt frame angle

  • Product Library brochures viewable - reinstates component brochure PDF in the Inventory

  • Loan payment amount auto-calculates - reinstates a calculation of loan payment amount when one is not set by the user

Nov 11th 2020


  • System quick designer - adds a new quick design form for fast selection of inverter, modules and string configuration

  • Quote duplication fix - resolves several conditions blocking duplication of a quote

  • V4 derating specs improvement - improves validation and resolves minor issues with system derating

  • System compliance errors added to V4 - CEC oversizing and other compliance errors added to V4 designer


Nov 5th 2020


  • V4 system pricing fix - some components were not recording price after being added in v4 designer

  • V4 map bug fixes - resolves several drag and drop issues when working with multiple surfaces

Oct 25th 2020


  • Inventory Pricebook and Import - support for multiple supplier pricing levels, selectable on quote finalisation. 

  • Inventory export/import - export and import for inventory price updates with full API support.

  • Inventory API Integration - create, export and import inventory items and pricing from your own inventory database

Oct 19th 2020


  • Version 4 Map Designer updated 

    • fixes issue when uploading an image

    • various drag and drop refinements

    • adds new 'Restring' function to reassign panels per surface from Tracker 1

    • fix for missing Array by Surface info on Reports when switching between v4 and v3 map tool

  • Contact updates - resolves issues of V3 compatibility with single full name field.

  • Energy page enhancements - a pre-release upgrade to allow beta users to make use of better load profile modeling and visualisation tools

  • Daily performance summer and winter - adds a daily energy profile chart for summer and winter average day 

  • Business settings label validation - fix for ABN,

  • Fix for loan repayment - fixes an issue where loan or repayment amount could be overwritten

  • Fix for release bugs - fixes missing buttons on commissioning and error when changing quote number

Oct 15th 2020 (PM)

v4.0 Beta

  • Version 4 Map Designer - an all-in-one panel layout and system designer with powerful mapping, image upload options, fullscreen viewer and more.

  • Sales dashboard updates - a widgetised dashboard with sales pipeline metrics and improved Recent Quotes view

  • Contact page - a clean new upgrade to the quote contact page

  • Energy page enhancements - a pre-release upgrade to allow beta users to make use of better load profile modeling and visualisation tools

Oct 9th 2020

v3.75.21 Updates

  • Additional proposal tags for use

    • Monitor name

    • PV access percentage

    • Annual average generation

    • Annual average savings

    • Production average lifetime

    • Investment ex-GST

    • Finance payments

    • Peak tariff after 10 years escalation / lifetime

    • 10-year savings

    • Benefit breakdown - all energy tariffs including per kWh

Oct 1st 2020

v3.75.16 Updates

  • Energy data upload enhancement - consumption profile row-to-a-day format to accommodate 15 min interval

  • Fix for control setting - able to delete single control setup

  • Add sales manager role - matches previous sales person

  • New Salesperson role - limited access to quote with no line item pricing

Sept 21st 2020

v3.75.14 Updates

  • Finalized commercial layout pdf - pretty sure you must’ve known the new Residential pdf reports, right? We just released another for commercial quotes

  • Bill of materials csv download fix - there’s a fix regarding bill of materials are showing 0 qty when downloaded

  • Sales Manager role - we’ve added a new role called sales manager and aligned it’s capabilities with salesperson

  • Quote introductions revived - quote introductions have been gone for a while and now re-applied for View Quote, Quote PDF and Quote Acceptance pages

  • Performance page ROI chart adjustment - the label has been adjusted for clarity of the chart

  • Comma separated user manual sending - mailing user manuals now can be done on different person separated by comma

  • Stripe payments update - resolves issue on safari browser users .

Sept 19th 2020

v3.75.12 Updates

  • Site survey images to reflect in install page - installer job pack pdf has been revamped to add more information about site’s survey

  • 2020 Tariffs - updated for the following regions NSW, QLD, TAS, ACT, SA. More to come!

  • Adjusted some tariff retailers not appearing from the list - some retailers are now showing from the tariff retailers list

  • Inverters and Battery AIOs fixed - for users who do not wish inverters to appear twice and/or sometimes missing, this update is for you.

Sept 16th 2020

v3.75.5 Updates

  • Stripe Online Payment fees included - adds gateway fees to your customer's card charges so there is no cost to you

  • Interval data upload sums minute data - upload 1-minute monitoring data for 10 minute modelling resolution

  • Environmental benefit metrics & proposal tags updated - adds emissions reduction equivalent and new proposal variable list for report customisation

  • Connection Diagram data update - adds component models, sums DC cable voltage drop, fixes missing battery backup power

  • Quote calculated quantity change - updates quantity for any system size change, regardless of manual qty entry *

  • Tariff search with plan details - tariff plans now show TOU controlled load (CL), and distributor details to enable easy identification of plans **

  • Site Map Icon Legend - adds a legend to explain the Site Map pointers and adds all Site Survey images apart from Bill Info images to the Install page and Installer Job Pack

  • Quote acceptance email link - when receiving email notification of an accepted quote, the email link to the quote is live

** When using pricing based on a system size calculation, the quantity will ALWAYS be recalculated on any system change, regardless of whether the quantity has been manually changed. This is necessary for reliable pricing so any manual over-ride of the quantity should be done when finalising the quote.

** All tariffs for NSW, QLD, SA, ACT are due for update 18/09/20. VIC will follow.

Sept 10th 2020

v3.75.1 Updates

  • Custom load profile editor update - sums the average of each week day to be edited in the profile visual editor (eg. all of the current profile Sundays will be averaged in the Sunday edit tab

  • Reports loading improvements - improves the performance engine to reduce page load time for Reports

** Anyone wishing to access the V4 Dashboard can request Beta access.

Sept 9th 2020

v3.74.5 Updates

  • New Commercial Proposal format - reduces file size, adds edge-to-edge printing, adds page numbering and footer.

  • Quote line item reordering - adds the ability to change the order of all quote items including system items.

  • Xero Invoice Sync Improvements - adds an option to sync or not sync Cost of Goods Sold to Xero, plus updates to ensure quotes with loan amounts or with custom price over-ride still sync to Xero successfully.

  • Contact page save fix - fixes an issue where some Contact page data did not save using the Save button.

  • Dashboard updates - adds a Google Calendar widget and faster page loading.

Sept 4th 2020

v3.74.1 Updates

  • Site Survey form - the site survey adds an extensive form to gather data about site conditions pre-quoting or pre-installation

  • Site Map Tool - adds a site map to plot locations of key components and measures distances for cabling and voltage rise calculations

  • V4 Dashboard update (beta users) - improves loading speed, add calendar dashboard widget

  • Task requirements fix - resolves an issue where custom install tasks where not set and ordered correctly

  • Quote acceptance notification - adds the quote number to the notifications widget

  • Loan RoI chart fix - corrects the initial investment in the return on investment payback chart

Aug 18th 2020

These are updates applied this week

  • Commercial quote GST display - commercial quotes now display ex-GST pricing with a final price including GST

  • Commercial RoI ex-GST - all return on investment figures for commercial quotes are now presented excluding GST for consistency

For Release tomorrow - Wednesday 19 August

  • Site Survey form - the site survey adds an extensive form to gather data about site conditions pre-quoting or pre-installation

  • Site Map Tool - adds a site map to plot locations of key components and measures distances for cabling and voltage rise calculations

Aug 4th 2020

The following are improvements applied this week:

  • PDF tags - NMI, Meter Number, Distributor and Retailer

  • Mute notification sound - this is placed to not annoy users anymore

  • Edit quote number on the fly - you may now edit the quote numbers inside view quote

  • Map pointer accuracy fix - resolves an issue where the map location marker on some sites is not on the building

  • Custom quote numbering and prefix - set your own quote number to match another platform sequence; set a prefix in front of the quote number

  • Demand calculator fix - prevents demand peak from occurring in offpeak time; re-enables peak demand threshold setting

  • Per watt/per kW quantity fix - resolves an issue where the panel quantity was taken from the quote quantity instead of the number of panels.

  • Bill of Materials fix - resolves an issue where module quantities are not matching in the actual BoM

Jul 28th 2020

The following are improvements applied this week:

  • Proposal PDF Template v4 fix - resolves the issue of getting skipping blank pages to the entire proposal pdf

  • Serial Numbers in handover documents fix - resolves an issue where serial numbers are not saving effectively from commissioning page

  • Network identifier customisation - added a new business setting to customize the network identifier (NMI in Australia) label

  • Installer Job Pack’s uploaded image fix - resolved an issue where images are overlapping the entire page

Jul 21st 2020

The following are improvements applied this week:

  • Database upgrade - Server Upgrade

Jul 7th 2020

The following are improvements applied this week:

  • PDF attachments to Proposal PDF fix - resolved an issue where quote items added to quote does is not attaching documents

  • Include Component's Brochures in send Quote PDF - added an option to include component’s PDF brochure for Quote PDFs

  • Added a reset to map zoom to 50% - resolved an issue where map view is freezing because of too much zoom in

  • Added a fix for clearing out MPPTs on inverter modification updates - resolved an issue where number of modules doesn’t get cleared upon changing of inverters

  • Install Page upload file size limit fix - resolved an issue where files are not allowed to be uploaded because of file size limit

  • Categories in System Packages to reflect when saved - resolved an issue where System Package’s category is saving


Mar 28th 2020


The following are improvements applied this week:

  • Install Job Pack send in background - when sending Job Pack, you can immediately continue working

  • Install Job Pack format improvement - fixes an issue with multiple images, includes site images, improves layout

  • Wordpress plugin support for image transfer - supports syncing of images to custom fields in SolarPlus.

  • Handover Docs update - Improves format of serial numbers and includes battery serial numbers in Handover Documentation

  • Handover Docs site image option - allows site panel layout image to be included in Handover Docs (eg. as cover image) 

  • Handover Docs send fix - resolves an issue with sending of Handover Documentation

  • Customer rep update - Customer Rep details on proposal sets to the Customer Rep if set, otherwise the current user

  • Notification sidebar fix for SolarQuotes - generates alerts where contacts are created from Solar Quotes.

  • Improved custom price field - supports entry of custom price and 'Enter' key to update value

  • CEC design switch, Install notes, saving issue - resolves an issue of these fields not saving

  • Fix for description of updated component - resolves an issue with update of quote description when changing a system component 

Mar 17th 2020


The following are improvements applied this week:

  • Support for Instant Asset Write-off - under Pricing > Financials, on commerical systems only, enter 1st year depreciation value as dollar amount (Up to $150K in AU stimulus package)

  • Live notification sidebar - generates alerts where quotes are accepted, new contacts created via API, and when our system notifications are delivered

  • Improvements to commercial cashflow analysis - corrects values for PPA and loan and improves table format

  • Upgrade proposal specifications - corrects specifications to match new installation excluding any existing components

  • Duplication fix - a further fix to ensure quotes can be duplicated consistently

  • Add handover variables - adds customer first name, fill name, and component images to handover docs

  • Daily Performance chart fix - fixes an issue where Hourly calculations resulted in chart misalignment in proposal PDF

  • Contact API sync fix - fixes an issue where a quote synced without a lead source had errors

  • Install image upload fix - if an image size is too large to upload, gives an error message

MAR 3rd, 2020

Release update features video - hit fullscreen to expand view


The following are improvements applied this week:

  • Quote Navigation Sidebar - Supercool feature to help you see your customer contact details, switch between quotes or duplicate quotes without leaving whatever page you're on.

  • System Pre-Build Package Manager - easily visualise and organise your packages (ex-system templates) and edit them directly.

  • AC Cable Reload Button - when editing AC cables in solar design, reloads and recalculates voltage rise.

  • Quote duplication fix - resolves an issue where a quote would not have where no retailer had been set for the tariff.

  • Tariff rate fix - resolves an issue where tariff price could not be set higher than 100 cents.

FEB 26th, 2020


The following are improvements and bug fixes applied this week:

  • Reports loading double time - Click 'Hourly report' to generate reports in half the time. Or don't if you want high resolution sub-hourly modelling, your choice but little difference in solar only results.

  • Contact page betterment - clarifies the contact and site info on the new quote contact page and also adds 'Site Image' upload (save contact before uploading images).

  • Performance reporting enhancement - it's complex, string vs optimiser, vs microinverters, splashed onto different surfaces and tracking all the details for reliable performance and SLD results. This update adds a bunch of validation checks and calculations to cover all bases greatly improving dependability. 

  • Solar design error messages - this updates add a range of error messages if there is no possible configuration for your selection of inverter and panel. Also helps us help you if something is amiss.

  • Microinverter duplication fix - Microinverters can be grouped into linked or daisy-chained sets. This fixes issues when duplicating or saving templates with this configuration.

  • AC sub-board V-Rise calculations - Adds sub-board voltage rise calculation and improvements to cable loss reporting on the SLD

  • Payment term custom labels - Allows you to add your own description to payment terms (eg deposit, balance due before install) and allows you to choose whether the customer see your custom label or specific dates on quotes and invoices.

  • Global currency update - no matter what country, you can now select any currency you wish to sell in.

  • Page settings fixes - resolves a bug when setting custom 'Lead source' and 'Task requirements' settings in the 'Page Settings' area.

  • Stripe Payment bombproofing - ensures that a customer can never pay twice and ensures that Xero payments settings can't impact on payment success.

  • Google Calendar updates - resolves an issue with the Installer Manager calendar sync. Now all task scheduling syncs through to Google Calendar with email invites.

  • Battery Only proposal - add more flexibility to charts and PDF tags to support battery only proposals.

  • Inline tooltip helpers - on many page we've added tooltip advice when hovering over a field to tell you more about this field. 

JAN 30th, 2020


The following are improvements and bug fixes applied this week:

  • Xero integration update - Xero integration connection process and methods have been updated to Xero's more secure, recently imposed, OAuth2 standard. See notes below.

  • Inverter change maintains design configuration - where possible, a change in inverter is done without affecting the string configuration or panel layout. If panel layout will be cleared, a confirmation option is given before it proceeds.

  • Fix for incorrect panel count per surface - corrects issues with incorrect number of panels in 'Array by Surface' reporting.

  • Fix for MS Edge sticking on battery design page - resolves an issue moving away from the battery page resulting from MS Edge updates.

  • Update to inventory stock code - requires a stock code (SKU) to be entered as a unique value.

  • Loan amount options improved - allows for repayments to be entered and total loan amount to be set distinct from final price.

  • Update to SolarEdge inverter clipping - corrects some overestimation of inverter clipping on SolarEdge systems.

  • Fix for commissioning file upload - corrected an upload error and increased file size allowable.

  • Fix for comparison tariff not deleted - corrected an error when removing a tariff set as comparison tariff.

JAN 14th, 2020


A number of updates have been made to the quote editing page and the view for the sake of simplicity, clarity and efficiency. See screenshots below with additional notes.

  • Adding items to a quote - when you land on the edit quote page, you can immediately start typing the name of any item in your inventory and select it to include in the quote. The inventory category selector is optional.

  • Add item to inventory & quote - creates a new inventory items on the fly and includes it in the quote.

  • Grouped-items quick select - hit the 'Grouped items' button at the top of a quote and the text editor opens to add your description. It is added to the top of the table. The order can then be changed.

  • Custom price 'type' switch - add a custom price with 'Discounted price' to show the amount saved above the final price OR select 'Price override' to hide item pricing and simply add your own total price.

  • Quote GST layout simplified - Any line items that are GST-inclusive are now shown with an asterisk (*) and the total GST amount separated to simplify the display of totals.

  • Copy inverter configuration as linked micros - quickly set up sets of micro inverters as linked units so that any change to one will update all linked copies.

  • Quick update options for linked inverters - easily change the number of linked inverters, or change panel and sync across all linked inverters.

DEC 24th, 2019


  • Update to STC deeming years - For any new quote the default STC deeming years is now 11 years. You can override this default this on the 'Tax and Rebates' page. Note that any existing quotes will be based on 12 years and may need to be updated to 11 years for 2020 installations.

  • Update to STC postcode zones - certain postcodes fall under a difficult STC zone multiplier so this is being applied today to reflect the correct value for 2020 installations.

DEC 17th, 2019


  • Improved GST reporting - GST can be automatically added to STC on commercial jobs (based on tariff type) and is more fully detailed with GST on Purchase, GST credit on STCs and total GST payable.

  • Install Completion status - the Install list now shows a filter to allow a view of Completed jobs for the benefit of install staff with limited access

  • Migration when removing a user - when a user is deleted, any quotes created by that user are migrated to a selected user

  • Invoice PDF access - the invoice PDF is now accessible to any user with access to the invoice view

  • NZ CO2 reporting fix - fixes an error in calculation of COs reduction for NZ sites

  • Mounting quantity fix - resolves an issue with the quantity of mounting items where the mounting selection on difference arrays and not the same, and special 'unit of measure' quantities are used

  • Handover documentation fix - corrects an issue with the commissioning date on the report and with rendering of the solar performance chart

NOV 21th, 2019


  • Risk Management - this page on the install workflow allows you to assess arc flash risk for batteries and see risk mitigation strategies for solar or solar and storage installs

  • Arc Flash Calculator - this calculator uses battery system specs to enable assessment of PPE requirements for battery installations

  • Commissioning report updates - adds further report checklist items for battery standards support

  • Zapier integration - connecting apps through Zapier now supports a variety of triggers and actions to suit a range of use cases.

  • Stacked Cashflow chart - the stacked cashflow chart is visible on Reports page when lease or PPA scenarios and provides a better visualisation of the benefits for customer information

  • Loan payback fix - corrects a possible error with payback time when any component of a payment plan is still to be paid

  • Better customer quote view - we've updated the optional Quote PDF view to improve the look and feel and also include all payment terms. The quote sign-off page is also updated to show more detail of payment terms

OCT 31th, 2019


  • Quote expiry - so that there's no surprises with online acceptance and old pricing, quotes now automatically expire and require reissue before customers can accept them. (Set 'Quote valid days' in Business Settings)

  • Quote acceptance - update to handle online payments with payment terms and current due amount shown

  • Invoice updates - improves invoice format and correctly shows current amounts due

  • Solar Quotes fix - fixes an issue caused by incorrectly entered login credentials, now handled smartly

OCT 21th, 2019


  • Performance modelling improvements - additional user control over derating factors including: module mismatch, surface reflectance and array elevation

  • Bifacial gain modelling - bifacial modules now factor performance gain with contributing factors such as surface reflectance, array elevation and tilt angle (note that many existing modules are in the process of being updated if bifacial). You now have plenty of control to show possible bifacial gain in performance. Warning: handle with care!

  • Replace inverter without losing array data - when an inverter is changed to another inverter with the same number of MPPTs, the module configuration and panel layout is maintained as far as possible within allowable limits.

  • Commissioning Report upgrade - adds many improvements to the commissioning report and handover documentation layout, particularly for battery systems to better reflect standards compliance.

  • Webhooks upgrade - webhooks now allow you to trigger a sync in another platform when a quote is created, as well as passing more client information to assist the sync.

  • Fix to Xero sync error - when user override of quantity was applied to items priced per kW or per panel

OCT4th, 2019


  • Connection diagram support for multiple inverters, microinverters, energy meter - the connection diagram now supports larger system design and resizes to fit most system sizes. When an energy meter is selected in the design this is shown on the diagram and 3 phase systems are indicated.

  • Automatic selection of handover documentation - handover documentation is now 

  • High resolution performance chart - the daily/weekly performance chart is now viewable at the resolution that the performance is modelled. Currently supporting interval data down to a 10-minute level.

  • Addition of Commissioning Notes - if anything is missing in the handover documentation, you can add notes before generating the documentation.

SEP 27th, 2019


  • Improved proposal email format and button - when sending a quote the email is now a more attractive view with a button linking to the quote acceptance page. We advise you to review your email wording to highlight 

  • Fix for view of quote items included by default - fixed an issue with a quote line item view in when setting an inventory item to be included by default in every quote 

  • Fix for tariff editing validation - improves validation to reduce tariff editing errors

SEP 24th 2019

v3.53.0 Sept 24th, 2019

  • All component select lists are inventory items - only components added to your inventory will appear in the battery design page and in optimiser lists. There are options on both the solar and battery design pages to add components into your inventory without leaving the page

  • Quote status 'Completed' added - When commissioning is completed and the installer declaration of compliance signed, an install is automatically marked with a status Completed. It will only appear in quote lists when the status option 'Completed' is selected.

  • Panel mismatch warning message - if a system design does not match the number of panels added to the panel layout, a warning message is shown on the Reports page to prompt correction to either the design or the layout.

  • Tariff filtering update - when the energy page loads, the tariff plan list includes all tariffs for that state. Further filtering narrows down the list - Retailer, Distributor, single vs TOU, etc

  • Single line quote format improvement - when grouping all quote items, more space is given for the quote description (Qty and line total columns are removed)

  • Interval data upload of 3 column format - adds an option to upload data where the date and time column and separated on the CSV file.

  • Interval data validation fix - when importing interval data that has a gap in the time series, a message now shows the correct row location of the time series error allowing for easy manual correction before uploading again.

  • Lead Source filtering of quotes - the lead source list options (where did you hear about us) can be customised in Page Settings. Quotes can now be filtered be lead source using 'Advanced Filter'

  • Send proposals without attachments - fixes an issue where brochures were still included when 'Include brochures' was deselected.

  • Solar Quotes API fix - fixes an issue where leads from Solar Quotes were not visible in Contacts.

SEP 11th 2019


  • Tariff filtering options - tariffs can now be filtered to more easy find tariffs among large lists with identical plan names. See notes below on use of filters *

  • System design responsiveness - corrects issues with reports and improves speed in solar design area. 

  • Copy MPPT-1 to MPPT-2 - to speed up design, click on the 'copy' icon in MPPT1 to duplicate the configuration in this tracker to the next tracker.

  • Quote grouped item view improved - when grouping all items in a quote, the 'quantity' and 'item price' columns are now hidden to allow for a better quote view format.

  • Hybrid inverter select - When a hybrid inverter is selected, this component is now pre-selected in the battery configuration area.

  • Custom tariff fix - when saving a tariff to your business tariff list, this fix prevents copies of this tariff being created (Note:  any custom tariffs can be deleted via the 'cog' icon on the top right of the tariff selector.

  • COMING TODAY: All component selections are filtered to inventory - the battery area now filters selection list to those items in your inventory and adds an easy way to add a component to your inventory while designing. Optimisers will also display only those items in your inventory

SEP 5th 2019


  • Tariff comparison - adds the ability to select a second tariff to analyse savings if the customer moves to a different tariff plan. The current and comparison plan is displayed on the electricity charges chart.

  • New tariff lists - we've added 1000s of tariffs with improved data validation for all AEMO retailers. * see note below. (additional tariff imports are pending)

  • Additional tariff information - we now show extra tariff information including: controlled load (performance evaluation pending), distributor selection, discount offer details, web link to plan source details (where available).

  • Tariff validation update - improves error checking when updating tariffs and TOU time ranges.

  • System Handover Documentation merge PDF fixes - corrects issues with PDF inclusions in handover and install job pack.

  • System Handover Documentation updates - fine tuning of new document format

  • Commissioning report upload -if you don't wish to use our commissioning report, simply upload your own to replace the default

  • System template list order - system templates within category folders are now correctly alphabetically ordered.

SEP 5th 2019


  • Tariff comparison - adds the ability to select a second tariff to analyse savings if the customer moves to a different tariff plan. The current and comparison plan is displayed on the electricity charges chart.

  • New tariff lists - we've added 1000s of tariffs with improved data validation for all AEMO retailers. * see note below. (additional tariff imports are pending)

  • Additional tariff information - we now show extra tariff information including: controlled load (performance evaluation pending), distributor selection, discount offer details, web link to plan source details (where available).

  • Tariff validation update - improves error checking when updating tariffs and TOU time ranges.

  • System Handover Documentation merge PDF fixes - corrects issues with PDF inclusions in handover and install job pack.

  • System Handover Documentation updates - fine tuning of new document format

  • Commissioning report upload -if you don't wish to use our commissioning report, simply upload your own to replace the default

  • System template list order - system templates within category folders are now correctly alphabetically ordered.

Aug 22th 2019


  • Google Calendar integration - create appointments in SolarPlus linked to your own calendar including invites and calendar event updating

  • Install Manager - track installation progress with task status indicators and schedule tasks

  • Serial number upload - upload a list of serial numbers from a CSV file

  • New System Handover Documentation format - improved document format

  • System Documentation for Battery Systems - introduces battery documentation to comply with proposed battery standards*

  • Adds battery and battery chemistry fields for standards compliance - sets up database storage for new standards requirements

  • Lead source customisation - add your own lead sources and order

  • Install Task customisation - add your own tasks/requirements items for status tracking and scheduling

  • Proposal cover image customisation - add your own cover image for residential and commercial projects

  • Load profile support for 12 hour time format - load profile upload supports date-time format with AM / PM or 24 hour format

  • Invoice email content fix - adds business contact and logo information to invoice PDF emails

  • Install job pack email content fix - corrects the email content with a link to the system (for SolarPlus installer users)

  • Inventory brand selection fix - fixes an issue where the top brand would be ore-selected and models not immediately loaded (eg. ABB)

  • Payment schedule fix - fixes an issue where a proposal could be missing payment terms if created prior to the user visiting the quote page

Aug 7th 2019


  • Update to PDF brochure attachments - when generating the proposal from the Reports page

  • Improvements to quote layout - adds ability to set Grouped Items at the top of a quote; hides empty inventory categories by default; fixes an issue with order of battery inverter in quote table

  • Filter quotes by team user - adds advanced filter of dashboard and quote lists to select the user who created the quotes

  • Fix for commercial proposal 'REC value' - fixes an empty REC/STC/LGC value in some proposals

  • Xero sync issues resolved - fixes issues syncing invoices to Xero

  • Fix to Invoice creation - fixes an issue when a quote is not approved and invoice is created

July 26th 2019


  • Addition of general component data  - adds a library of other components and option to select to add selection to inventory

  • AC Component selection in PV design - in solar design page a new 'AC Components' area has selections of energy meter, monitor, energy management system as well as optimisers

  • Addition of optimiser quantity (Tigo/Huawei)

  • Addition of price variation based on Supplier discount percentage

  • Update to Install grid view - removes price information in Install view

  • Addition of report variables - adds further component and system variables (see Help Centre listings for details)

  • Fix to connection diagram to show battery quantity

  • Fix for inventory page price click and update within table

  • Fix to Hide Item Pricing - includes Grouped Items total in 'Hide Item Pricing' option to hide line total price

  • Fix to array-to-surface mapping - fixes an issue where returning to solar design page could cause a performance error

  • Fix to display of Payment Terms - resolves an issue where in some cases payment terms didn't show in PDF

  • Fix to AC cable data saving - fixes a release bug where AC cable sizing data wasn't saving

July 3rd 2019

  • Update to quote layout for subsidies - shows subsidies/rebates along with STCs in the separate listing area below the sales tax addition in totals

  • Addition of Cash + Loan payment options - adds support for loans (eg. interest-free subsidies) and inclusion of loan amount in quote total payable

June 26th 2019

  • Installer Job Pack - adds the ability to send an installation job pack to a team member as a PDF

  • Solar Quotes integration - allows any new leads in sync from Solar Quotes every 3 minutes

  • Improvement to subsidies in quotes - presents quote retail sub-total before subsidies and itemises subsidies

  • Loan payment amount - add ability to set repayment amount for loan repayments

  • Email undelivered notification - sends a notification email whenever a quote email does not reach recipient

June 14th 2019

  • Advanced filtering of quote list - adds phone to quote listing, adds filtering by date range, source, categories and custom fields

  • Bill of Materials settings - add option to Business Settings for filtering of categories shown in BoM and option to remove suppliers from this table.

  • Bill of Materials download CSV = option to download a CSV version of the Bill of Materials

  • Final resolution to map unresponsive issue - a further update to improve map loading time at high zoom level while switching between maps

  • Fix for panel replacement issue - fixes an issue so that when panels are replaced, all map layout information is fully updated, allowing immediate generation of Reports (Note: always check panel layout after changes to PV design)

  • Invoice date range fix - corrects bug with invoice date range filtering

  • Lifetime GST escalation - corrects future year GST value in line with escalating tariff payments

  • Inventory bulk markup edit - add ability to bulk update markup on all inventory items

  • Quote table formatting - improves quote table format

  • Quote send radio option - when sending a quote, selection options are to either send the full proposal including the quote or the quote only

  • Gross Profit Margin fix - updates gross profit to work with recently released inventory quantities based on 'unit of measure'

  • Add another BCC email when sending quote - Business Settings option to add a BCC email to be included in every quote sent

  • Fix for STC Deeming Years - fixes an issue where user changes to the deeming years (Tax and Rebates) was not saving

May 14th 2019

  • Custom price discount - when applying a custom price to override the calculated price you can now show the amount discounted off the list price

  • Line item discount in totals - when applying a discount on one or more line items, the discount is now shown in the column of totals below

  • Added battery sizing specs - Additional battery sizing specs include month average max-state-of-charge, lowest month SoC, battery lifetime energy cost estimate (c/kWh)

  • Fix to ESS grid charge & battery export - fixes issues where charge and export profiles did not work simultaneously

  • Peak lopping update - to allow peak lopping to be applied in either sizing mode (Self-consume or Tariff optimisation)

  • Off grid generator charge - adds option to use the grid charge time range and SoC range set-points to model generator charging

  • Payment Terms Fix - adds checks that pricing is reflected in current payment terms when any system edit is made

  • Payment term validation fixes - prevents errors in payment terms due to invalid business settings

  • Fix to STC Deeming Years - fixes a recently introduced bug where the defaulting STC deeming years may not have been set 

  • Invoice PDF formatting - tidies up formatting of the invoice PDF

APRIL 23th 2019

  • Template overwrite - allows a template to be updated easily, overwriting the original

  • Update pricing when loading template - a Business Setting option now gives the ability to load a template with pricing automatically updated to reflect current inventory rates.

  • Option to clear all panels from a surface - this button allows you to remove all panels from a surface, auto-filled or drawn

  • Panels are cleared when replacing an inverter - if selecting another inverter, any current panel layout is cleared

  • Inventory 'Warranty' category are now not shown on all quotes by default

  • Change to system default values - PV array cable defaults to 4mm2; panel setback from surface edge: 0.2m

  • Set price to retail fix - this edit quote button now updates all line items including those added from the inventory

  • Empty inventory categories hidden - only categories with inventory items are shown on the edit quote page

  • Custom price fix when STCs have GST applied - corrects the application of custom price in the Total Payable position

  • Fix commissioning date settings in payment terms - correctly applies payment terms dates based on commissioning events

  • Invoice PDF email fix - invoice PDF document is now correctly emailed to the Contact

  • Improvements to Invoice PDF formatting

  • Fix to Handover document generation - adds a more robust process to avoid errors in compilation of handover documentation

  • Correction to payment amount rounding - prevents rounding discrepancy of 1c between total payable and payments

  • Payment term validation fixes - prevents errors in payment terms due to invalid business settings

March 27th 2019

  • New Contact Address Autocomplete - this fixes an issue where creating a new contact (before creating a quote) would result in no map imagery

  • New Quote from New Contact page - this adds a button on the New Contact page to begin a new quote

  • Tilt and orientation added to reports - on the table showing 'Solar Array by Surface', the incline and orientation have been added back for each surface

  • Updated Terms and Conditions - our boilerplate Terms and Conditions have been updated. These conditions are attached. Note that item 4 is only relevant for Australia, item 18 is only relevant for CEC Approved Retailers. These conditions are supplied as a boilerplate template only and should be customised for your business.

March 18th 2019

  • Payment Terms added to quotes - replacing the 'Deposit' field, Payment Terms are auto-calculated from the Payment Schedule set in Business Settings and flow through to invoices.

  • Quote intro / features field - you can now add an introduction text area to highlight some features about the system offered. This has been added to all proposals above the quote pricing table but can be put in any location in a custom template.

  • Quote expiry date - you can now set the number of days a quote is valid in Business Settings and the expiry date will be shown above the quote pricing table.

  • Estimated days to install/commissioning - you can set the estimated days until installation and commissioning in order to match Payment Schedule due date events.

  • Include STCs by default - A new Business Setting allows you to opt to have STC automatically added into each quote.

  • Resolved Mounting per Panel issue - fixes an issue where the mounting line item may not appear on the quote when pricing was set on a per panel basis.

March 4th 2019

  • Address auto-complete update - this update allows you to apply a country filter or search multiple countries.Learn more

  • Mounting system auto-calculated quantity - When using an auto-calculated quantity for mounting, you can select the mounting system once, or multiple times. The quantity will calculate per module or per watt/kW as specified in the inventory.

  • AC isolator quantity and grouped items pricing - resolves an issue with summing of AC isolators

  • Deleting an uploaded map image - When an image has been uploaded onto the map, this can be deleted with the 'X' button or Cmd/Cntl+Delete

  • Reports loading message - When generating performance reports, a notification now indicates that this is in progress to avoid additional delays with double clicking

February 14 2019

  • Address autocomplete - when typing an address you'll see an autocomplete address list below to save your fingers some key-work

  • New inventory categories - we've added categories you may wish to use for better organisation of components such as generators, grid protection, battery isolators and more

  • STC transparency - you now have the option to include the number of STC certificates and dollar value in the quote table. If you don't wish to show this, turn off the option in Business Settings

  • Quote duplicate fix - when adding a inventory item to quotes by default, some were showing duplicate line items

  • Load profile missing message - when generating reports, we now give a message is the load profile has not been loaded

  • Wordpress contact form update - this fix makes configuration easier when syncing new leads from your web form

January 29 2019

  • New Business Settings page - combining business profile, business settings and payment schedules, this page features a menu and quick save option

  • New quote status 'Rejected' - quotes can now be set to a status of Rejected to remove them from consideration. These remain visible in the client profile but not in quote listings.

  • Inverter List Filtering - the list under 'Manage Inverters' is now filtered to remove items that arer not part of our maintained inverter library.

January 20 2019

  • Single Line Diagram - generation of a connection diagram from the system design and added to the Install workflow page. This will be added to the System Handover Documentation in an update tonight where some additional minor fixes will be applied.

  • Addition of a 7-day Energy Profile Chart - the Reports page now includes another time range option on the (unfortunately named) 'Daily' Performance Profile. This view offers much improved insight into usable solar and export, along with battery cycling and recovery during intermittent  solar periods.

  • Fix to Saving of Customised Tariffs - when a tariff is loaded and edited, you have the option to save it to the list of tariff listed for future use. This update fixes an issue with populating these customised tariffs.

January 15 2019

  • New quote issue on MS Edge - resolves an issue when using MS Edge browser on Windows10, a new quote would not save or move on to the Energy page.

  • Consumption source chart rendering - when generating proposal PDFs, sometimes the Consumption by Source doughnut chart would not completely render. This is resolved.

  • Mac Preview chart rendering - when viewed in Mac Preview, proposal PDFs were not correctly rendering doughnut charts. This is resolved.

  • Creation of Quote PDF with no PV system - when a quote is being created for items other than a PV system, it error was occuring generating the PDF. Now resolved.

  • Add logo placeholder to quote email -  corrects a rendering error when adding a logo into the Default Quote Email on the System Settings page.

January 9 2019

  • Inventory pricing per unit of measure - when setting pricing for an inventory item you now have the option to select a unit of measure, i.e. you can choose to set the price per kilowatt, per watt, or per panel. The quote price will then automatically update according to the PV design.

  • Quote unit of measure over-ride - if using the auto-calculation of a line item's quantity with the options above, you may wish to over-ride this quantity value and enter a value. You can do this on the quote edit table and the cell will change colour to indicate the value is manually entered.

  • Fix to Handover Documentation Generation - a fix has been applied for some instances where handover documentation was giving an error when generating.

  • Fix to array oversizing warning (AU) - a warning message is now more consistently triggered when a PV array is sized at greater than 133% of the inverter AC output as per CEC guidelines.

  • Fix for quote view bug - a fix has been applied for edge case instances where a discount applied to a quote could cause problems with loading of the view quote page.

December 20 2018

  • Quote Acceptance Notifications - we recently added an online quote sign-off to help you improve conversions. Now as the customer signs, they will receive a confirmation email with the signed quote, and you will also receive the signed quote with a link to jump into that quote in SolarPlus

  • Commercial Detailed Proposals - two compelling proposals have been added to your list of options, providing a range of extra details to pitch to the most hardened Chief Financial Officer. These proposals provide a greater degree of clarity including a cashflow chart and table detailing the lifetime savings breakdown. We will provide an example in the coming days with details of the contents.

  • Seasonal Consumption Chart - this new chart shows a comparison of the average day for each season and provide extra confidence to consumers that you are fully evaluating their energy needs.

  • Panel Reporting Fixes - two fixes have been applied for situations where panel selection was interfering with the Solar Design view, and another where the Report page 'Arrays by Surface' was showing inaccurate summing of panel kW values.

  • Grid Charge Setpoints - when wanting to model storage with detailed control over grid charging and storage export, you can now manage this in the Control Settings tab next to the Storage Design area. You can apply kW charge limit, State of Charge setpoints and multiple time ranges to accurately replicate inverter and control system setpoints.

December 10 2018

  • Fixed an issue where duplication of a quote which had drawn arrays could result in errors in layout and reporting

  • Fixed an issue where changing modules where arrays were already drawn could result in errors

  • Fixed a configuration issue when selecting Tigo and Huawei optimisers

  • Fixed an issue where after creating a new user, an incorrect page link would show a restricted access message

  • Improved performance tracking of surfaces with mixed autofilled and drawn arrays

November 14 2018

  • Contact form additions - fields have been added to the contact form to include NMI number, meter number and site phase arrangement. These values will soon be used in filtering system options and shown in documentation

  • Multi-select components for inventory - on the 'Manage Inverters' and 'Manage Modules' pages, you can now filter and select a range of components to add them into your inventory with one click. You will then need to add pricing by clicking in the inventory table.

  • Text formatting fixes - Irregular line spacing issues in the Business Profile area (under 'Manage System Settings') has been fixed, and line breaks have been added to business bank details.

  • SA Subsidy fix - When a subsidy line item is added to a quote, it now appears at the bottom of the list. A subsidy can also be added to all quotes by clicking 'Include in quote by default'.

  • New Cash Flow Simulation table - a detailed chart showing a breakdown of incoming and outgoing cashflows for commercial clients can be added to proposals. Stay tuned for supporting documentation detailing assumptions.

November 7th 2018

  • Online quote acceptance - when sending a proposal you can now include a link so that your customer can immediately sign-off on screen to accept your quote. Better conversion rates ahead!

  • Support for SA and VIC Subsidies - add subsidies, either included in the quote or below the quote pricing too show Out of Pocket install cost.

  • Dynamic quote descriptions - quotes can now automatically update with component details, quantities, and PV and battery sizes. Add merge tags to your 'Grouped Items' description to benefit from this feature (see image below)

  • Panel layout fixes - recent updates have addressed issues where the PDF may have thrown an error, or where panel placement was not accurately reflected on the proposal.

  • Panel Layout Improvement - There is now the ability to apply autofill of the same MPPT to multiple surfaces, just pay attention to match the system design to your layout.

  • Tariff rate fix - When tariff rates are entered with more than 3 decimal places, the rate will automatically round to 3 decimals when saved.

  • Optimiser quantity fix - a recent update added calculation of the quantity of commercial optimisers. An update to this fixes an issue where the quote total did not reduce to match the calculated optimiser quantity.

  • System Upgrade RoI - improvements to the performance engine allow for upgrade return on investment compared to the existing PV bill cost including export savings. This update allows for battery only savings reporting.

September 17th 2018

  • Proposal includes component brochures - when sending a proposal you have the option to add component brochures. Previously this attached each brochure separately to the quote email. Now all brochures are populated into a single proposal document for a better customer experience.

  • Battery brochures are now also included  in the proposal when component brochures are added.

  • Deposit on quote - An additional line is added to quote totals after the Total Payable to show the deposit as set on the quote edit page.

  • Bank account and website fields added - In order to show the customer your bank details for payment of a deposit,  you can add this information under the Business Profile page. You can also add your website domain name. These fields will be added into the default proposal templates on Wed 19th so please add details in the next few days.

  • System design: add to inventory - when creating a new system and wanting to add a component to the inventory at the same time you can tick the ‘Create inventory' button next to the inverter or module selector. When this is done it now adds the inventory category which was previously missing when this action was taken.

  • Map icons - When using the Draw array, or Nearmap links on the map page, a recent update placed the link position incorrectly, this is now rectified.

  • Peak lopping fix  - On the battery page, you have the option to apply a peak shaving threshold which limits the battery to only discharges when the loads exceed that threshold. An issue with visualising this function in the daily performance chart has been resolved. Note that the sizing mode must be in ‘Tariff Minimisation’ for this effect to be applied.

  • LGC update - An update has been applied to the LGC calculation to resolve an issue with zone multipliers and to remove a first year savings figure, LGCs are applied to the lifetime savings chart in years 2-14. Future updates will include a regression value and cashflow table to show detailed year to year commercial benefits.

  • Optimiser quantity fix - a recent update added calculation of the quantity of commercial optimisers. An update to this fixes an issue where two modules might have been applied per optimiser for P505 optimisers.

August 14th 2018

  • New Proposal Templates: You're feedback is welcome for refinement of these proposals and towards future variations for commercial and for off-grid quotes.

    • V3 Solar Residential - this template adds a cover page along with more detailed reporting of solar generation, energy flows and savings charts.

    • V3 Solar & Storage Residential - this template builds on the above adding a page on battery performance and adding storage metrics throughout the report.

  • New RoofMap layout - design improvements to the map layout page move the toolbar to the right and groups the surface panel with the module settings panel on the left. This provides more screen real estate for better ease of use in panel layout, along with improvements to panel colour and frame profile.

  • Region of operation - under Business Settings, you can set the states in which you operate. This will filter the Energy page consumption profiles and the tariff selections.

  • Commercial optimiser support - the quantity of optimisers is now calculated automatically for commercial optimisers and is based on the minimum required quantity for each string. Note, in some cases you may wish to add optimisers on the quote pricing page based on the physical layout.

July 23rd 2018

  • Region of operation - under Business Settings, you can set the states in which your operate. This will filter the typical or custom consumption profiles and the tariff selections.

  • When creating a system design, you now have the option to add a component to your inventory and load it into the system design at the same time. There is an icon next to the inverter and module selectors to bring up a dialog for this selection where the component price may be added.

  • Inventory editable pricing - you can now click on the Inventory list table to update pricing of components and mark-up (rather than having to edit each component).

  • Customising consumption profiles - when loading a typical profile and editing the profile with the new draggable bar chart, you can now also set the overall average daly kWh value, tag it as Residential or Commercial and save it as a new custom profile in your 'typical profile' list. 
    Note that profiles can be edited as a single day or as a 7-day profile with the ability to set the hourly values for each day of the week.

  • Tariff State preselection - when going to the Energy page the tariff State is now preselected based on the customer location.

  • Role permission updates - Updates to the 'Sales', 'Installer' and 'Designer' roles provide easier navigation and avoids these users seeing links to areas for which they have no access.

  • Battery string auto-calculated - where multiple battery units and multiple inverters are selected, there is no longer a need to select a battery string quantity as this is automatically calculated. Updates for the battery inverter quantity fix an issue where the charge and discharge rates may have been underestimated.

June 15th 2018

  • The PV design area shows the number of modules per string  based on the inverter voltage range. A fix to the minimum number of modules has been applied and may result in additional string configuration options, particularly when the CEC Guidelines check is off and no cable voltage drop is being applied to the array voltage. Notably, this fix often allows more options with Fronius Eco inverters.

  • The CEC Guidelines warning message relating to oversizing of PV in relation to inverter size was not always visible for multiple MPPTs on commercial systems. This has been corrected.

  • The Battery design page now saves automatically when navigating away from the page.

  •  A fix was applied for certain situations when saving the Battery design page, where a second battery system was being added.

  • The selector for the energy retailer was getting stuck at times after a tariff was selected. This has been resolved.

  • The battery inverter quantity was previously not updating on the quote, the quote now reflects the battery inverter quantity in the design.

  • When pie and doughnut charts are added to proposals, some mac PDF viewers would not display these correctly, now the charts display consistently.

June 11th 2018

  • The dashboard view of recent quotes has been updated to allow direct link to the quote pricing page from the 'Quote No.' and direct link to the PV design page from the 'System Name'. The icons on the right are now simply 'Update' to open and 'Duplicate' to create a quote variation.

  • Under the 'Contacts' link to the top left, a 'New Contact' button has been added for new CRM records.

  • When in the Quote workflow,in the left navigation bar at the bottom you will see a new 'Contact' icon which takes you directly to the current contact's CRM page.

  • Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) can now be selected for application to return on investment calculations over 13 years starting from year two.

  • Updates to the recently added finance area give greater clarity to the units for each of the input fields.

  • A fix for a rare issue where the RoofMap would not show existing surfaces. (See action below for refresh)

  • When deleting an inventory item, you now are given an option to remove the item completely or move the item to the archive if you wish to keep it in place when it is used in existing quotes.

  • A range of updates have been made to proposal PDF charts to improve labels and presentation, particularly for off-grid proposals.

  • New variables have been added to the list of replacement variables as listed  at Customising a Proposal/Performance Report#ProposalMergeFields

May 29th 2018

  • Finance options: Addition of financing via loan, lease or Power Purchasing Agreement, with options for finance conditions related to each.
    (NB: a hard fresh may be required to see the options changes when finance type is changed. ‘Shift-reload’)

  • Addition of year-to-year cashflow chart when a finance option other than cash is applied, the chart showing a comparison against expected expenditure based on historical bills and consumption.

  • For commercial systems, the application of depreciation and sales tax credits to cashflow analysis.

  • Addition of battery control options for grid-connected systems. An energy control profile can be created, currently consisting of battery export setpoints including time range, state-of-charge range, and maximum kW export limit. (NB: grid charge setpoints remain in effect on the Storage Design page at this time. These will soon be moved into the Control Option area.)

  • Addition of variations to the Energy Summary Chart showing average daily production and consumption values and grid interaction. Variations include residential and commercial buildings, off-grid vs grid-connect, and inclusion of battery export or grid charge values.
    (NB: a known issue with fonts on some devices is being addressed)

  • Addition of monthly peak demand chart for commercial systems. (Additional reporting metrics will be added to this area)

  • Addition of battery export value in the Benefits Breakdown chart.

Additional fixes:

  • The Battery Backup hours chart now shows a maximum of seven days autonomy (based on month average values)

  • Resolved an issue where the solar and storage quick sizing guide was failing to provide values when a consumption upload exceeded 1000 kWh per day.

  • Resolved an issue where an error message was shown after deleting a system template.

  • Resolved an error where the system handover documentation would not download correctly on certain browsers.Please create a support ticket to notify us of any issues you come across.

3.19 - April 17th 2018

  • A Communications table has now been added to the Contact CRM page to show a list of all emails sent, showing the quote sent and the status of the quote - indicating whether the customer has opened the quote.

  • Export credit metric on page 1 of the proposal was affected by a recent update. This has been fixed to show the estimated export credit value.

  • Power factor variability set on the PV design page was not reflected on the performance output. This has been corrected to derate for the inverter power factor.

  • Custom contact fields (set up by the user) were showing incorrect default text in the input box, reset to correct default.

  • The quote table format has been improved for quotes with a long single line text field so that sub-totals are displayed in a better format. The single page quote PDF has also been updated to restore the correct font.

  • A recent release changed the order of inverters listings when adding a component to the inventory. List is now in sort order.

  • A link from the quote financials page has been corrected to link to the Install page.

  • A range of new variables are now available to add to proposals. These include:

3.18 - April 5th 2018

  • PV and battery sizing guides - There are 2 methods added this week to make it easier to create quotes using system templates. On the map page a 'Quick Guide' gives a suggested PV size and battery size based on the location and consumption.

  • When a surface is autofilled, the 'Module Settings' dialog tells you the number of panels on the surface and tells you if there are modules remaining in that array still to be added. It also shows the number of modules to fill the surface and the kW size of the array that would fill the surface so that you can select or create a system based on the area available.

  • The quote workflow navigation now shows the consumption kWh value for either typical profiles or uploaded profiles.

  • The map Advanced Edit' button allows you to move the map beyond the bound of the initial map view, in order to find a installation location beyond the map bounds. An error with this function has been fixed. Remember to click 'advanced Edit' again to exit this 'search' mode and save the map position.

  • The option to 'Set Coordinates' had an error and has been fixed. This allows you to set a latitude and longitude values when the address lookup does not give the required location.

  • Module Configuration with Fronius - Fronius inverters allow string configuration based on the module short circuit current rather than the usual maximum power point current. Based on advice from Fronius, these inverter now allow strong configuration using the Isc. Clipping will occur in performance calculations if the current exceeds the maximum permissible current level.

  • Many products are uploaded every week. This week the Kilowatt Labs Supercapacitor has been added. Please send us data sheets for any product you wish to see added.